High Velocity .22 Caliber 45 gr. SPT Bullets: Premium Performance for Varmint Hunting

High Velocity .22 Caliber 45 gr. SPT Bullets for Rifles and Handguns

Description: Discover the exceptional performance of our .22 caliber 45 gr. SPT bullets, designed for high velocity and precision accuracy in rifles. Crafted with a Spitzer point shape and a flat base, these bullets are favored by varmint hunters for their reliability and pinpoint accuracy, even at maximum ranges. With precisely drawn jackets, they ensure consistent expansion for reliable performance. Ideal for velocities from 22-250 and 220 Swift cartridges, these bullets offer unparalleled performance for varmint hunting. However, for handguns, their hardness may limit their effectiveness, making them best suited for target shooting applications. Nonetheless, when used in handguns with velocities exceeding 3000 fps at the muzzle, these bullets can still provide accurate shots for varmint hunting within moderate ranges, albeit with reduced expansion. Explore our high-quality bullets for your shooting needs today.

SKU S1310
Barcode # 092763013106
Brand Sierra

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