Introducing the Sierra Pro-Hunter .30 Cal (.308) (.30-30) 125 gr. HP/FN (30-30) Box 100 - your ultimate choice for exceptional performance in rifles and handguns alike. Crafted specifically for the revered 30-30 Winchester cartridge, this bullet boasts a tailored jacket engineered to optimize velocities typical of the 30-30. Its cannelure placement guarantees seamless feeding, ensuring fast and hassle-free operation.

Ideal for deer-sized game and versatile enough for varmints, this bullet's weight delivers impressive results. Constructed with Sierra's PowerJacket technology, it ensures reliable expansion and deep penetration with every shot. While originally designed for the 30-30, these bullets are highly effective in any 30 caliber cartridge, provided velocities stay within the 2500 to 2600 fps range.

In handguns, this bullet shines in cartridges attuned to 30-30 velocities, offering optimal performance in those producing 2200 to 2500 fps at the muzzle. Whether you're targeting varmints or larger game like elk, these bullets deliver consistent results when matched with appropriate game weights. Note that their design limits them to short-range applications, typically up to 125 to 150 yards.

Experience the unmatched precision and reliability of Sierra's Power Jacket design, ensuring uniform upset and expansion at ideal velocity levels, all while maintaining Sierra's hallmark accuracy. Elevate your shooting experience with Sierra Pro-Hunter .30 Cal bullets, engineered for excellence in every shot.

SKU S2020
Barcode # 092763020203
Brand Sierra

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