Sierra GameKing 6mm .243 Caliber 100 gr. SBT: Premium Ammunition for Medium Game and Long-Range Shoo

Introducing the Sierra GameKing 6mm .243 Caliber (.243) 100 gr. SBT Box 100. This reliable ammunition option is perfect for rifles, offering a 100 grain #1560 Spitzer Boat Tail bullet designed for medium game. Its heavy, double-tapered jacket ensures ample penetration and reliable expansion upon impact.

The #1560 bullet serves as the boat tail counterpart to the flatbase #1540 Pro-Hunter bullet. Beyond 300 yards, this bullet excels in downrange performance, making it the preferred choice for long-range engagements. Renowned for its exceptional accuracy, it's compatible with 6mm cartridges like the 243 Winchester, 6mm Remington, and various magnums. Additionally, it proves effective for larger varmints at extended distances.

For handguns, however, the 100 grain #1560 Spitzer Boat Tail bullet is too rigid for practical use on game due to its limited expansion at moderate velocities—unless utilized in the largest wildcat cartridges. Nonetheless, it shines in long-range target shooting or silhouette competitions, especially when paired with barrels featuring standard twist rates.

Invest in the Sierra GameKing 6mm .243 Caliber (.243) 100 gr. SBT Box 100 for unparalleled performance and precision in your next shooting endeavor.

SKU S1560
Barcode # 092763015605
Brand Sierra

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