Explore Sierra BlitzKing Bullets: Precision Performance for Varmint and Small Game Hunting

Introducing the Sierra BlitzKing .22 Cal (.224)Hi-Vel 40 gr. BlitzKing Box 100, engineered for exceptional performance in rifles and handguns alike. Perfect for varmint and small game hunting, this bullet boasts explosive expansion paired with the precision of MatchKing bullets.

Crafted with proprietary acetyl resin compound nose tips, the BlitzKing offers enhanced ballistic coefficient compared to traditional flat-base Spitzer designs. The 40 grain BlitzKing #1440 features a flat base, ensuring stability and accuracy even at muzzle velocities of up to 4400 fps.

In handguns, the BlitzKing shines, delivering unmatched effectiveness against varmints and small game across a variety of centerfire cartridges in 22 caliber. With remarkable accuracy, a flat trajectory, and superior expansion, it's ideal for smaller-capacity cartridges like the 22 Hornet up to the 222 Remington.

Upgrade your hunting experience with Sierra BlitzKing bullets – precision-engineered for unparalleled performance and reliability.

SKU S1440
Barcode # 092763014400
Brand Sierra

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