Introducing the Racken Rest II: The Ultimate Vehicle Window Gun Rest

The Racken Rest II, meticulously crafted in Australia, is a purpose-built gun rest designed to securely hold rifles on a vehicle window sill while in motion. Engineered for versatility, it effortlessly mounts to either side of a vehicle door, ensuring a stable and fixed position for your rifle. This innovative design eliminates the need for constant setup and removal, allowing shooters to maintain focus and readiness at all times.

Featuring advanced swiveling capabilities, the Racken Rest II enables seamless lateral and vertical movements, providing unmatched flexibility for precise shooting. Its tension-controlled vertical and horizontal swiveling action offers an extensive range, setting it apart as the premier choice for vehicle door rests.

Furthermore, the Racken Rest II boasts telescopic arms that are adjustable for both height and length, catering to individual preferences and rifle specifications.

The Short Racken Rest is specifically tailored for:

  • Toyota Land Cruiser with quarter windows (Note: Not all Land Cruiser models require the short version, primarily suited for square-shaped windows)
  • Land Rovers
  • Rear windows
  • Universal fit: By adding a shorter strut to the front, the Short Racken Rest II can be adapted to fit most window types (Note: A medium strut may be required for standard-shaped vehicle doors, contact Eagleye for assistance)

Racken Rest II Upgrades:

  • Double Swivel Mount: Now included as a standard feature
  • Enhanced durability: Welding improvements enhance the weight-bearing capacity of swivels
  • Longer mid-tube section: Allows for greater adjustments within the cradle
  • Extended Rear Arm: Provides additional adjustment for rifle positioning and shooter comfort
  • Ball Points Locators on the base: Ensures a secure home position for the swivel arm
  • Optional balance strut: Ideal for heavy barrel and suppressor-type firearms, providing additional support
  • Optional Lean to Pad and Brace: Offers an alternative shooting option for added comfort
  • Off-Set Arms: Customized configuration for rifles with magazines, accommodating large magazines and pistol grips
  • Strap Down Option: Addresses concerns about barrel interference and accuracy
  • New colors and sleek design: Enhances aesthetics and visual appeal

Note: The Racken Rest II (Short Model Only) now includes longer V Mount Tubes, providing extra height adjustment capabilities for lower window sills.

Brand SmartRest

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