InfiRay Tube TL50 V2 Thermal Sight: Elevate Your Shooting Experience

Experience Next-Level Precision with the InfiRay Tube TL50 V2 Thermal Sight

Elevate your shooting capabilities with the advanced features of the InfiRay Tube TL50 V2, surpassing its predecessor, the TL35. Benefit from an expandable Laser Ranging Function for accurate distance measurement, an enhanced OLED display, and a built-in microphone for seamless sound recording.

Unlock Unmatched Accuracy with Optional Bluetooth LRF

Choose the TL50/TL35V2 model and opt for the optional expandable Laser Ranging Finder Function to achieve pinpoint precision. Connect the Laser Ranging Finder to your device via Bluetooth, enabling real-time distance measurement displayed on your screen. Maximize your shooting success with this optional feature.

Enhance Hunting Precision with Stadiametric Rangefinding

Equipped with a stadiametric rangefinding function, the TL50/TL35V2 model provides invaluable position references for hunters. Seamlessly toggle between functions, ensuring uninterrupted precision in your shooting endeavors. Elevate your hunting experience with the unparalleled capabilities of the TL50 V2.


1024X768 AMOLED Display

The TL50/TL35V2 model features a 1024X768 AMOLED display, unlike the TL35, which has a 1280x960 LCOS display. The use of an AMOLED display results in significantly improved imaging quality due to its superior layers and contrast.

Built-in microphone

The TL50/TL35V2 model is equipped with a microphone function, allowing customers to record audio alongside their video recordings.

12 µm Pixel Pitch

The TL50/TL35V2 model utilizes a high-performance 12um detector that enables it to capture high-quality, detailed images.

Ultra-clear Mode

The TL50/TL35V2 model includes a built-in ultra-clear mode specifically designed for adverse weather conditions, such as heavy fog and rain. This mode increases the device's sensitivity, allowing it to provide more detailed information.

Extreme Detection Range(Target size: 1.7m×0.5m, P(n)=99%)

The TL50 (TL35V2) model utilizes exceptional sensors and powerful optics, resulting in a detection range of up to 2600m (1800m).

Sufficient Operation Time and Flexible Battery Choice

The working time of built-in battery is up to 12 hours, and the replaceable 18500 battery will provide an additional 3 hours of operation.

32GB Internal Storage

The TL50/TL35V2 model is equipped with 32GB of memory, which can store up to 57,000 images or 48 hours of video. Users can easily transfer captured videos and images to their smartphones via an app at high speeds.

Model TL 50
Detector Specifications
Type Uncooled Vox
Resolution?pixels 384X288
Pixel size, ?m 12
NETD, mK ?40
Frame Rate, Hz 50
Optical Specifications
Objective Lens, mm 50
Field of View?H×V??° 5.2x4.0
Linear Field of View?H×V??m at 100m 9.2x6.9
Optical Magnification, × 4.0
Digital Zoom, × 1~4
Eye Relief, mm 70
Exit pupil Diameter?mm 6
Diopter?D -4~+4
Detection Range, m
(Target size: 1.7m×0.5m, P(n)=99%)
Display Specifications
Resolution,pixels 1024*768
Battery Power Supply
Battery Built-in  battery/6600mAh +  replaceable 18500 battery/3.7V
Max. Operating Time (t=22ºC), h* 15
External Power Supply 5V (Type C)
Wi-Fi/APP Support (InfiRay outdoor)
Photo/Video Recorder Support
MIC Support
Bluetooth Support
Operational Characteristics
Memory Capacity?GB 32GB
IP rating IP67
Operating Temperature, °C -20 ~ +50
Max. recoil power on rifled weapon (Eo),   Joules 6000
Compatible mounts Standard 30 mm rings
Weight (without the 18500 battery), g <985
Dimension?mm 390× 85 × 75
Barcode # 6973202304525
Brand InfiRay Outdoor

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