The Racken Rest II: The Ultimate Vehicle Window Gun Rest

The Racken Rest II, an Australian-designed gun rest, is engineered to securely hold rifles on a vehicle window sill while in motion. Versatile in its mounting options, it can be affixed to either side of a vehicle door. This innovative rest ensures rifles remain firmly in place, eliminating the need for repetitive setup or removal before taking a shot. With swiveling capabilities for both lateral and vertical movements, its tension-controlled action offers unparalleled range compared to other vehicle door rests. Additionally, its telescopic arms provide adjustable height and length to accommodate various rifles and shooters.


  • Ideal for accurate shooting from a vehicle
  • Ensures safe firearm storage while in the field

Advantages of the Racken Rest II:

  • Facilitates accurate shooting with less energy expenditure, particularly for pest eradication
  • Offers speed and precision by allowing shooters to quickly take shots without removing and replacing the rifle
  • Easy mounting and removal process for swift deployment
  • Enhanced shooting positions, enabling ambidextrous shooting with excellent support
  • Consistent accuracy, suitable for left-handed shooters
  • Absorbs rifle recoil effectively, ensuring minimal disturbance
  • Silent adjustability maintains stealth while setting up shots
  • Fast and smooth elevation adjustments while maintaining target acquisition
  • Heavy-duty steel construction ensures durability and reliability

Racken Rest II Upgrades:

  • Included Double Swivel Mount for enhanced flexibility
  • Sturdier build with increased weight-bearing capacity
  • Longer mid-tube section for extended adjustments
  • Extended Rear Arm for enhanced rifle positioning and shooter comfort
  • Ball Points Locators on the base for secure swivel arm positioning
  • Optional balance strut and Lean to Pad and Brace for additional firearm support
  • Off Set Arms and Strap Down Option for compatibility with rifles with magazines
  • New sleek design and color options available

Note: Short base model available for vehicles with shorter window sills, such as Land Cruisers and older model Hi Lux. Ensure correct window base length before purchase. Dimensions provided at the bottom of the package.

Barcode # 735850185217
Brand SmartRest

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