Norma brass stands as the epitome of cartridge case excellence, renowned globally for its unparalleled quality. Cartridge cases play a pivotal role in upholding Norma's esteemed reputation, offering exceptional durability and extensive reload capabilities. Crafted from top-tier raw materials with meticulously controlled tolerances, Norma cases consistently deliver unparalleled accuracy, round after round.

The annealed case neck exemplifies Norma's commitment to quality. By softening the metal, it effectively mitigates gas leaks and ensures secure bullet retention for a minimum of 10 years, without succumbing to the aging process.

Moving down the case body, hardness increases strategically to prevent unnecessary stretching, mitigating the risk of cracks. However, excessive hardness poses challenges, potentially leading to structural vulnerabilities.

Towards the primer pocket, the brass reaches peak firmness, nearly doubling in hardness compared to the neck region. This meticulous structuring ensures optimal performance and longevity.

Norma's manufacturing process further enhances material integrity. Through controlled grain refinement, the material's hardness is optimized, with annealing serving to regulate grain size and hardness levels.

Experience the pinnacle of cartridge case craftsmanship with Norma Brass, where precision engineering meets uncompromising quality, setting the standard for discerning shooters worldwide.

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Brand Norma

223 norma brass

By: on 10 October 2023
I have used norma brass for 15 years and have had no problems with the brass or reloading issues relating to the brass quality, they stand up to the test and pass. I recently picked up another 100 rounds these should last me at least 10 reloads I fully support and recommend norma brass. They were shipped out and arrived in a few days form placing the order and thanks for the lollipop and sticker, keep up the great service. Scotty

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