Pard Night Stalker 4K LRF - Day / Night Vision Scope

PARD Night Stalker 4k Day Night Vision Scope... With Laser Range Finder!

Unleash the power of the night with the PARD Night Stalker 4k Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope. Boasting a 70mm lens and integrated 940nm laser rangefinder (LRF), this advanced optic offers unparalleled clarity and precision in low-light environments. Whether you're hunting under the cover of darkness or navigating nighttime terrain, the Night Stalker 4k provides crisp imagery and accurate distance measurements, enhancing your shooting experience like never before. Elevate your nocturnal adventures with the PARD Night Stalker 4k and discover a new realm of nighttime exploration and success.

Key Features
4K CMOS sensor
3840*2160 Sensor Resolution (pixel)
100mm long eye-relief
Laser rangefinder that can detect distances up to 1200 yards
ED Lenses Clearer and Durable
IR light beam
Round Display
Ability to store 5 sets of zeroing data
Interactive Control Knob
Aluminum Alloy Lightweight and Durable
6 Reticlt Style & 4 Colors
850/940nm IR Illuminator
Picture in Picture
6000J Recoil Resistance
Range Specifications 

Sensor-Boosted 4k Clarity
The 4K CMOS sensor, with more pixels and a larger array,
enhances image precision for effective target acquisition,
elevating hunting to new heights through technological

Sensor Resolution (pixel) 3840*2160

100mm Long Eye-relief

Designed with a 100mm long eye-relief,  ensuring a safer hunting experience and
accommodating users’ hunting habits.

Built with an Integrated LRF & Ballistic Calculator That is Efficient and Practical
The Night Stalker 4K has an advanced laser rangefinder that can detect up to 1200 yards. The ballistic calculator takes into account
factors such as bullet and muzzle and weight, providing real-time target distance and 
suggesting the optimal shooting point for an efficient and precise solution.

First click: Shows the distance to the target:
Second click: Shows the estimated impact point.

ED Lenses Clearer and Durable
ED lenses excel in focusing light, reducing color distortion, and
providing clear images in low-light conditions. Furthermore, 
their durability ensures long-lasting optical performance
without degradation.

Integrated and Directional IR Illuminator
The adjustable direction of the IR light beam allows for precise
illumination, ensuring coverage in specific areas. It offers
flexibility to adapt to different hunting environments.

Round Display
The round display, matching the human eye structure, along
with a consistently centered, full-screen reticle, delivers a
hunting experience consistent with traditional white light

Qucik and Simple
Fire a single shot, aim, and then move the reticle and save.
This straightforward zeroing operation, coupled with the ability
to store 5 sets of zeroing data, not only conserves rounds but
also provides the most efficient hunting method.

Interactive Control Knob
Featuring a knob-style button design, smooth menu
navigation, and seamless magnification adjustments,
which is easier to operate at night.

Aluminum Alloy Lightweight and Durable
Utilizing lightweight and high-strength aluminum alloy ensures
excellent scratch and wear resistance, even in harsh hunting

6 Reticlt Style & 4Colors
Select from 6 reticle styles and 4 colors to optimize adaptability to hunting environments,enhancing visibility.

850/940nm IR Illuminator
Opt for 850nm for better visibility or 940nm for supertor concealment.

Picture inPicture
The PIP mode shows a 2x magnified reticle area at the top of the screen for quicker target identification.

Recoil-activated Recording
Recoil-activated recording provides an ongoing 20-second loop, when recoil is detected, the video is automatically moved to the Micro SD card.

Built-in WiFi enables connecting to a phone as an external viewfinder.

Prepared for any outdoor adventure and extreme weather conditions, which ensures reliable performance even in harsh environments.

6000J Recoil Resistance
6000J recoil resistance ensures superior stability, and comfort.

SKU 54886
Brand PARD

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