Experience the unparalleled performance of the GMX (Gilding Metal eXpanding) bullet, engineered for precision and power in every shot. Crafted with innovative ballistic technology and monolithic construction, the GMX bullet sets a new standard for premium ammunition. Whether you're hunting big game or small, the GMX delivers unparalleled stopping power and accuracy.

Constructed from a copper/zinc alloy known as gilding metal, the GMX bullet surpasses traditional materials in hardness and performance. This unique composition ensures cleaner shots, minimal fouling, and consistent pressure curves, maintaining over 95% of its original weight even after expansion. With up to 1.5 times expansion upon impact, the GMX guarantees devastating terminal performance, leaving no doubt about its effectiveness.

Designed for maximum efficiency, the GMX features a sleek profile with cannelures, reducing drag and enhancing ballistic coefficients for superior long-range accuracy. Upon impact, the hard polymer tip initiates expansion, transforming the bullet into a mushroom-style projectile, delivering lethal force with every shot.

Key Features:

Streamlined design for ultra-flat trajectories

Devastating terminal performance across a wide range of velocities

Copper alloy construction and double cannelures reduce fouling

Compatible with conventional reloading data

Elevate your shooting experience with the GMX bullet—precision, power, and performance redefined.

SKU H30370
Barcode # 090255303704
Brand Hornady

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