Experience the unparalleled performance of the V-MAX™ bullet, renowned for its dramatic fragmentation achieved through a meticulously crafted combination of a gilding metal jacket, specially engineered core, and polymer tip. As the premier choice for varmint hunting, its streamlined design ensures ultra-flat trajectories, setting the standard in the industry. The match-grade jacket design not only guarantees maximum accuracy across all ranges but also delivers explosive expansion, even at velocities as low as 1600 fps. Elevate your shooting experience with V-MAX™ bullets, available in factory-loaded Varmint Express™ and Superformance™ Varmint™ ammo.

Key Features: Polymer Tip: The polymer tip enhances the ballistic coefficient, facilitating dramatic expansion upon impact, even at velocities as low as 1600 fps. Higher Ballistic Coefficient: Hornady® integrates a sharp, pointed polymer tip with an aerodynamically optimized profile to achieve a superior ballistic coefficient. The V-MAX™ profile maximizes the bearing surface, ensuring enhanced in-flight stability. Swaged Lead Core: Through precise swaging, the core is meticulously formed around the tip, featuring a cavity beneath the tip's stem. This design allows the tip to accumulate energy before striking the core, resulting in remarkable fragmentation of both core and jacket. Precise Boattail & Flatbase Designs: Optimal base designs guarantee exceptional in-flight stability for long-range shooting endeavors.

SKU H22606
Barcode # 090255226065

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