Introducing the ELD-X® (Extremely Low Drag - eXpanding) bullet, a cutting-edge solution for all-range hunting needs. With unparalleled technological advancements, this bullet offers match accuracy and consistent, controlled expansion at ALL practical hunting distances.

Experience Best-in-Class Ballistic Coefficients (BCs), rigorously verified by Doppler radar. The Heat Shield® tip ensures immunity to aerodynamic heating effects, maintaining its shape for optimal BC performance throughout the trajectory.

Designed for match accuracy in hunting scenarios, the ELD-X® features a streamlined secant ogive, optimized boattail design, and highly concentric AMP® bullet jackets. Combined with the Heat Shield® tip, this results in exceptional aerodynamic efficiency.

Expect devastating performance across conventional ranges. From high-velocity impacts within 0-400 yards, the bullet expands consistently along its penetration path. Thanks to its thick jacket shank and high InterLock® ring, it retains 50-60% of its weight, ensuring deep impact.

For extended-range hunts, the ELD-X® excels in terminal performance. At 400+ yards, the Heat Shield® tip facilitates expansion by driving backward into the bullet. This process delivers conventional expansion with significant mushrooming and 85-90% weight retention, providing both deep penetration and large wound cavities.

Choose the ELD-X® for unmatched performance at every hunting distance, combining accuracy, controlled expansion, and terminal effectiveness for your hunting needs.

SKU H25418
Barcode # 090255254181
Brand Hornady

Accurate and Effective

By: on 18 March 2024
Using a load development process based on the teachings of people like Eric Cortina, Jack Neary and Lou Murdica, these projectiles are producing one hole 5 shot groups at 100 metres. Seating depth control is a critical part of their accuracy. Used in a model 70 Winchester featherweight chambered in .257 Roberts, ELD-X projectiles are effective out to extended ranges.

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