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Explore ThermTec's Vidar LRF Series: Cutting-Edge Thermal Imaging Riflescopes

Introducing ThermTec's Vidar LRF Series - a cutting-edge collection of thermal imaging riflescopes designed to meet the rigorous demands of professional users while maintaining uncompromising quality. Featuring eight distinct models, the series is divided into two categories: the standard Vidar range and the advanced Vidar LRF series.

The standard Vidar range includes the Vidar 335, Vidar 360, Vidar 635, and Vidar 660 models, while the enhanced Vidar LRF series comprises the Vidar 335L, Vidar 360L, Vidar 635L, and Vidar 660L.

The Vidar LRF series combines compact design and minimal weight with an ultra-sensitive thermal sensor (<25mk) and a Laser Range Finder (LRF), making it the forefront of thermal scope technology. With detection ranges exceeding 3000m, the ThermTec Vidar LRF series is the ultimate choice for long-distance hunting.

Exclusive to the Vidar 360, Vidar 660, Vidar 360L, and Vidar 660L models is the dual zoom feature. This feature allows users to seamlessly switch between a 20mm and a 60mm lens, offering different base magnifications akin to optical zoom. The built-in laser rangefinder provides distance measurements of up to 1500 meters, while additional features include a compact waterproof casing and a silent calibration process due to a shutterless design.

Let's delve into the key features of each model in the Vidar LRF series:

  • ThermTec Vidar 335L LRF: Compact yet powerful, featuring video recording, snapshot capability, and a built-in 64GB memory chip. Boasts a 384 x 288 thermal resolution, NETD <25mK, automatic object detection, and laser ranging distance measurement up to 1200m. Offers picture-in-picture & RAV functions, 1x – 5x continuous digital zoom, and a variety of crosshair functions and pseudo colours. Displays a 1024 x 768 resolution on a 0.39-inch OLED screen, with a lithium battery lasting up to 14 hours.

  • ThermTec Vidar 360L LRF: Shares many features with the Vidar 335L LRF, with the addition of a unique dual field of view allowing an easy shift between focal lengths of 20mm and 60mm. Powered by a lithium battery for up to 11 hours of continuous operation.

  • ThermTec Vidar 635L LRF: Offers a higher 640 x 512 thermal resolution, alongside similar features as the Vidar 335L LRF. Enhanced battery life allows for up to 13 hours of uninterrupted work.

  • ThermTec Vidar 660L LRF: Matches the Vidar 635L LRF in thermal resolution and features, with added support for an easy shift of dual field of view with focal lengths of 20mm and 60mm. Can operate for up to 10 hours on a single lithium battery charge.

With ThermTec's Vidar LRF Series, you're not just acquiring a thermal imaging riflescope - you're investing in the epitome of precision, performance, and longevity.

SKU V-660L
Brand ThermTec

Thermtec vidar 660lrf

By: on 14 May 2024
First impressions and short term use. Let me say, this isn’t the budget end of rifle scopes so expectations are high, in many ways it meets that, but there are things I’d like to see added or improved. Packaging wise it has a very respectable padded case to transport everything in, including spare batteries and a high tech charger, cables and other bits. All my other scopes look like scopes, this looks more like a hand held spotter, and that’s actually an advantage, you can use it just like a spotter the quick detach rail ( supplied as standard) seems solid enough for my uses anyway to give me close enough to a repeatable zero, which means you can load up 5 profiles and potentially 5 guns. Power wise, it has no internal batteries…. Big tick for that, you can have a box full of 18650 batteries and go away for a week. I shoot exclusively on private property so the legalities of using thermal at night or otherwise isn’t a concern here, but it would pay to check local laws accordingly. Where to start…. Turn it on do the calibration and have a look, I can truly say that vast improvement has been made since I bought my last thermal around 6 or so years ago, the detail is spectacular, sensitivity and clarity wow. This scope has 2 yes 2 focal lengths, so no need to buy another one for short range and one for long. Time will tell which I use for what, it’s nice to have a choice. Animal identification in the long FL goes a long way, so for your average shooter, you’re good to go, I could easily identify horses at 600m. Heat signatures from cows can be seen well beyond what the rangefinder will do. (Other side of my valley) I can see hunters using these in the high country to scope for deer, you can’t hide with thermal…. I almost wonder if scoping for deer from a ridge with binoculars is a thing of the past, it certainly ups the ante for the hunter. Each FL needs to be zeroed separately, and quite frankly the interface while navigable can be quite clunky, a bit like a fish finder before you bought the touchscreen model. But once you have it sorted it works. Due to convenience and impatience I have only had the opportunity to use this on an fx impact M3 so it’s not completely covered yet. The joystick is where all the work is done, you need to get your head around slow clicks fast clicks and not pressing down whilst going side to side. Again once you have it sorted it’s ok, but I’m still pressing down occasionally when I go to the side, this initiating photo/video mode and this seems to interfere with the rangefinder. I wish you could turn off photos but I haven’t discovered how yet. Rangefinder seems to work well on it’s own and initial results compare well with other rangefinder units I have, a very necessary thing when looking through a viewfinder at night, when in ballistic mode it behaves slightly differently. For air guns I’ve found a variation between different brands, I have another one that produces more consistent results (this one suggests I can use an air gun to hit a target 737m away) it’s always possible data input is to blame, but I’m unlikely to use ballistic mode currently as a result ( at least for air guns) will see how it works on other guns when opportunity presents. Again testing of ballistics is limited so take that as you will. It comes with 8 reticles on the latest firmware and the last a mill dot style will allow for holdover work. Gyroscope… up and down angle can be displayed, but not side to side, I have a scope at 1/4 price that has this… There’s a bunch of extra settings I haven’t even looked at, use out of the box works well. Colour wise it has the usual black, white, red hot, and a bunch of funky colours I will never use (why green and purple?) , the black hot is growing on me as it seems to give more detail in the environment. Balance on a tripod sets the centre of mass further back, this may or may not bother some, but it’s noticeable. I have all kinds of scopes, long range target optics, basic low power ones, IR day night , and this thermal. They all have their uses, and niches, I will keep them all as no one scope does everything. There are 2 apps available from Thermtec….. currently none work with the firmware that’s valid as of now. I did contact Thermtec, regarding other things and to their credit they responded in less than 24 hours to questions I had. So how’s it score….. 8.5/10 The optics are stunning, dual FL is innovative and covers all ranges and styles, use out of the box is good, ability to use as handheld spotter great. Cons…Interface I’ve used better, gyro features not complete, ballistics for me not so great so far.

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