Explore ThermTec's Vidar LRF Series: Advanced Thermal Imaging Riflescopes

Introducing ThermTec's Vidar LRF Series - a groundbreaking lineup of thermal imaging riflescopes engineered to exceed the expectations of professional users while maintaining uncompromising quality. With eight distinct models, this series is divided into the standard Vidar range and the advanced Vidar LRF series.

The standard Vidar range comprises the Vidar 335, Vidar 360, Vidar 635, and Vidar 660 models, while the advanced Vidar LRF series introduces the Vidar 335L, Vidar 360L, Vidar 635L, and Vidar 660L models.

ThermTec's Vidar LRF series seamlessly combines compact design and minimal weight with an ultra-sensitive thermal sensor (<25mk) and a Laser Range Finder (LRF), setting new standards in thermal scope technology. With detection ranges exceeding 3000m, the ThermTec Vidar LRF series stands as the ultimate tool for long-distance hunting.

Exclusive to the Vidar 360, Vidar 660, Vidar 360L, and Vidar 660L models is the innovative dual zoom feature. By rotating a ring near the objective, users can switch between a 20mm and a 60mm lens, each providing a distinct base magnification akin to optical zoom. This mechanism allows for initial scanning with the 20mm lens and detailed examination with the 60mm lens.

Equipped with a built-in laser rangefinder capable of measuring distances up to 1500 meters, these scopes also feature a compact waterproof casing and a silent calibration process facilitated by a shutterless design.

Let's delve into the key features of each model in the Vidar LRF series:

  • ThermTec Vidar 335L LRF: Compact yet potent, featuring video recording, snapshot capability, and a built-in 64GB memory chip. Boasts a 384 x 288 thermal resolution, NETD <25mK, and automatic object detection. Offers laser ranging distance measurement up to 1200m, picture-in-picture & RAV functions, 1x - 5x continuous digital zoom, various crosshair functions, and pseudo colors. Displays a 1024 x 768 resolution on a 0.39-inch OLED screen, with a lithium battery lasting up to 14 hours.

  • ThermTec Vidar 360L LRF: Similar to the Vidar 335L LRF with added dual field of view functionality for easy switching between focal lengths of 20mm and 60mm. Its lithium battery supports up to 11 hours of continuous operation.

  • ThermTec Vidar 635L LRF: Offers a higher 640 x 512 thermal resolution alongside features akin to the Vidar 335L LRF. Enhanced battery life allows for up to 13 hours of uninterrupted use.

  • ThermTec Vidar 660L LRF: Shares the thermal resolution and features of the Vidar 635L LRF, with the added capability of switching between dual field of view with focal lengths of 20mm and 60mm. Operates for up to 10 hours on a single lithium battery charge.

With ThermTec's Vidar LRF Series, you're not merely acquiring a thermal imaging riflescope - you're investing in the epitome of precision, performance, and longevity.

SKU V-360L
Barcode # 6975483750466
Brand ThermTec

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