Experience Unmatched Thermal Imaging with HIKMICRO Habrok Series

Unparalleled Thermal Sensitivity

Discover the extraordinary thermal sensitivity of the Habrok series with models HQ35L - 850IR and HQ35LN - 940IR. With a remarkable thermal sensitivity of less than 20mK (NETD<20mK), the Habrok ensures flawless detail recognition even in the most challenging weather conditions. Thanks to our self-developed high TCR vanadium oxide thin film material and HIKMICRO's advanced imaging algorithms, the device offers exceptional sensitivity, enabling clear identification of the tiniest object and background details.

High-Definition Thermal Sensor

Immerse yourself in superior thermal imaging with our cutting-edge 12μm thermal sensor. Offering resolutions of up to 640x512 pixels, our technology ensures exceptional temperature resolution. Prepare to witness thermal images that are sharp, richly contrasted, and highly accurate.

Zoom Pro: Enhanced Zoom

Experience enhanced zoom capabilities with HIKMICRO's proprietary imaging algorithm, allowing users to see finer details beyond the limitations of digital magnification.

Image Pro: Enhanced Image Processing

Maximize digital image optimization with our proprietary Image Pro algorithm. Developed by HIKMICRO, this algorithm adapts to different observation purposes and conditions, ensuring high-quality rendering of both target objects and backgrounds.

QHD Night Vision Optical Camera and In-built Illuminator

Sporting a 2560x1440 CMOS sensor with extremely high 0.001 Lux sensitivity, the Habrok excels in low-light scenarios. Its in-built illuminator, available in 850nm or 940nm, ensures a seamless viewing experience in all scenarios.

Compact and Light Weight

Utilizing a traditional binocular format, the Habrok series is a compact and lightweight unit, packing powerful thermal, night vision, and a 1000m laser range finder into a 780-gram unit.

Robust Construction

The Habrok features a sturdy magnesium housing resistant to sweat, rain, mist, and dew. The objective lens incorporates SDLC coating technology, preventing scratches. With an IP67 waterproof rating, the device can withstand submersion in up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes, making it perfect for prolonged use in rugged environments.

Replaceable and Rechargeable High Capacity Batteries

Enjoy uninterrupted observation with replaceable and rechargeable 18560 batteries. The unit accepts 2x 18650s, allowing the unit to run for 6+ hours uninterrupted and enabling quick battery swaps for continuous usage. Additionally, connect any ordinary power bank or USB power via the Type-C interface for extended operation.

Long Detection Range and Large Field of View

The Habrok series offers a remarkable detection range of up to 1800m. It excels in various observation scenes, providing a significant advantage for night stalking over long distances or offering a perfect overview in wooded areas over shorter distances.

1000m Laser Range Finder

Every Habrok unit in the line-up features an impressive 1000m Laser Range Finder with an accuracy of +-1m, allowing precise distance measurement to targets.

GPS and DMC Enabled

The Habrok series sports highly advanced GPS and DMC technology. Not only can the Habrok precisely give you your location, but it can also calculate the GPS coordinates of whatever you are looking at with the laser range finder, virtually eliminating lost downed game in thick scrub or allowing direct reporting of targets to third parties.

Automatic Display On/Off

Featuring intelligent orientation sensors, the Habrok can turn off the display when tilted to reduce light bleed in tactical situations, as well as improving battery life.

Smart IR and Manual Focus

With automatic exposure correction technology, the Habrok can automatically adjust the brightness of the IR illuminator, allowing the user to manually focus the beam to produce the best possible picture even in challenging environments while further preserving battery life.


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