Unleash Unmatched Detection Capabilities with HIKMICRO Raptor Pro RQ50 Binoculars

Experience unparalleled detection capabilities with the HIKMICRO Raptor Pro RQ50 binoculars, blending cutting-edge thermal performance with advanced day and night vision technology for effortless detection. Equipped with an integrated 1000m laser range finder (LRF) system, the Raptor ensures precise distance measurement directly on the viewing screen, eliminating the need for guesswork and enabling accurate measurements day or night.

Crafted to deliver exceptional thermal imaging quality, the HIKMICRO Raptor features the latest SUB 20 NETD 640x512px sensor, setting new standards for accuracy in the market. Boasting an innovative F0.9 aperture 50mm lens system, it maximizes thermal signal transmission, capturing intricate details even in challenging weather conditions.

In addition to its thermal prowess, the Raptor boasts a high-performance day and night optical camera. Transition seamlessly from vibrant full-color images during daylight to enhanced night vision with built-in IR capability, extending visibility up to 400m in darkness. With integrated image stabilization, enjoy shake-free viewing even at high magnifications, replicating the experience of conventional binoculars.

Enhancing its functionality, the Raptor integrates a precise 1000m laser range finder, alongside a compass and GPS for comprehensive location data. Designed for comfort and ease of use, its ergonomic chassis ensures prolonged usage without strain. Conveniently located controls and intuitive button placement facilitate effortless operation, even in low-light conditions.

Powered by 3x 18650 batteries, the Raptor offers an impressive 8-hour runtime, with a detachable battery compartment for easy replacement. Featuring dual eyepieces for enhanced detection and adjustable interpupillary distance, it guarantees optimal viewing comfort tailored to your needs. Plus, the built-in sensor automatically switches off displays when not in use, preventing light spillage and maintaining stealth in dark environments.

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