The Hunt The Night Professional Shooters Warranty for Non Professional Shooters (as well as professional shooters)

Part of our vision when we started Hunt The Night was to do things differently, and by differently I mean be treated the way I would want to be treated.

From day 1 we have done warranty differently to anyone else, and while we’ve talked about it, we haven’t put pen to paper. 

So here it is.

During the warranty period provided by the manufacture, if your device fails and you require a loan device to keep you going, we’ll supply one. Now it may not be the same as the device as what you have, but it’ll be good enough to keep you doing what you need to do.

This doesn’t matter if it’s a clip-on, a scope or a hand held monocular, we’ve got your back.

Please note, that if we have to price match another retailer when we also service match and you will not be eligible for a loan device.