Elevate Your Shooting Experience with LONGSHOT's Advanced Target Camera Systems

Discover the versatility of LONGSHOT's wireless, portable, and battery-powered target camera systems, meticulously designed to enhance your shooting experience. Positioned adjacent to your target and placed 10-15 ft. back, our long-distance wireless camera offers unparalleled flexibility with its adjustable field of view. Mirage distortion becomes a thing of the past as the camera, strategically placed downrange, ensures clear visibility of your shots.

Equipped with a remarkable 9+ hour runtime, LONGSHOT LR-3 cameras provide seamless remote viewing on your tablet or phone through the intuitive Longshotapp. Experience the convenience of tracking and numbering shots, capturing photos, reviewing sessions, and recording both video and stills, all at your fingertips. Best of all, no cell or WiFi service is required, granting you uninterrupted access to live HD video, revolutionizing shot monitoring like never before.

Rest assured with our Straight Shooter 2 Mile Guarantee, offering crisp 2688 x 1512 Ultra HD Imagery. Benefit from precise adjustments with our All-Axis Camera Adjustment feature, overcoming obstacles effortlessly with our OverObstacle Design. Locate shots with ease using our Blinker Shot Locator and experience the reliability of our patented "Go the Distance" Link Technology.

Each package includes a Camera, Receiver, Hard Target Camera Case, and 2 Tripods, ensuring you have everything you need to optimize your shooting setup. Enhance your precision with our APP ASSISTED ZERO & SHOT GROUP CALCULATOR, streamlining optic zeroing with real-time corrections displayed on your device. Measure your group size accurately as impacts are marked, with the app providing detailed group size and zero correction information in MOA, MIL, Inches, or cm. Experience shooting like never before with LONGSHOT's cutting-edge technology at your disposal.

SKU longshot-lr-3-2-mile-uhd
Brand LongShot

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