Enhance Your Hunting Experience with the Saim NV Series Digital Riflescope

Introducing the Saim NV series – a premium digital day and night riflescope designed for professional use. With exceptional night vision capabilities and a powerful full 1080P sensor, this riflescope delivers outstanding performance in low-light conditions. Weighing less than 430g and boasting a compact size, it's perfect for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Key Features:

  • Full 1080P sensor for crystal-clear imaging
  • Ultra-low light performance for enhanced visibility in dark environments
  • Compact and lightweight design for ease of use
  • 16G built-in memory for storage convenience
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for seamless integration with other devices
  • Video recording and photo-taking capabilities for capturing unforgettable moments

Clear Nighttime Imaging: The secret behind the improved sensor lies in its 4×4 ?m pixel size and optimized resolution, resulting in enhanced sensitivity to nighttime environments. Compared to other CMOS sensors on the market, it excels in capturing even the dimmest lights, providing unparalleled clarity. Paired with high-quality NV lenses, the Saim NV series offers a professional and expert-level nighttime outdoor experience.

InfiRay SCD35-pigs


Twilight Mode-Twilight Color
There are three image modes developed by SCD35-Day/Twilight/Night for demands in certain time of a day, benefiting from sensor performance and the exquisite combination of hardware and software, the users you can see color of the surrounding in twilight time.Support PIP Function
Picture-in-Picture improves shooting accuracy by providing a 2x magnified image of the reticle area at the top of the display screen. It helps to magnify the target while retaining the rest of the field of view visible, with assistance of this function the user can closely focus on the image in the aiming area and have visual control of the entire field of view at the same time.
InfiRay SCD35-Picture-in-Picture
Support 940nm IR
The SCD35 offers optional 940nm IR illuminator to allow for increased illumination while staying undetected to the target. With 940nm there is no infrared exposure that can disturb the animals. Three features will be attached with the IR illuminators:

Adjustable direction?Lead the lights in the screen center
High power- 3-level adjustment?Max. Power of 1.5w, suitable for compensating illumination
Adjustable concentration ratio: Satisfies requirements for illumination at different distances
InfiRay SCD35-with-Torch

Sufficient Operating Time
A basic run life of 3.5h brings integrated CR123 batteries can met with the needs of hunters who usually choose the short distance journey, additionally, SCD35 is equipped with external battery cover, so the running time can increase to 7h with 2 replaceable 16650 batteries. It can satisfy most of demands those who need and enjoy hunt for long trip if they can loads enough replaceable batteries in their bags.
InfiRay SCD35-Battery-Cover

Compact Size and Lightweight
SCD35 is designed to lighten the load of hunters and allows hunters to explore with longer distances. Lightweight less than 430g?without IR illuminator?and the small as well as compact size makes SCD35 the perfect portable hunting partner.
InfiRay SCD35-side-by-side

IP66 Waterproof Rating
Upgraded lens protection: Durable rigid plastic lens cap with higher hardness and impact resistance;
Upgraded waterproofing: External screen is used in rainy days for outdoor scenarios to prevent water flowing into the interface.

Support WIFI& InfiRay Outdoor APP
The internal WIFI module ensures the flawless connection of the SCD35 and the InfiRayOutdoor APP, a memory space of 16G and the supported video recording and photo taking function allow users to share their hunting and moments in time.
InfiRay SCD35-wifi

Variable magnification from 3X-12X
The base magnification of SCD35 increases by four times from 3X to 12X. The zoom changes gradually in 3X step from 3X-6X-9X-12X. The high resolution sensor guarantees the possibility of accurate aiming and long-range shots over the entire magnification range – the level of detail is sustained even at maximum magnification.InfiRay SCD35-zoom-3x-9x
SKU SCD35-940
Barcode # 6973202302590
Brand InfiRay Outdoor

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