Explore the InfiRay Geni GL50R: Your Ultimate Thermal Imaging Solution

Experience unmatched performance with the InfiRay Geni GL50R thermal imaging scope. Featuring a 12?m detector with 640×512 resolution, a 50mm-focal-length objective lens, and a 1024×768 OLED display, this device delivers unparalleled clarity for your imaging needs.

The GL50R also integrates a built-in range-finding module, complete with a precise laser rangefinder capable of measuring distances from 10-1,000m with an exceptional accuracy of ±1m up to 1km. Choose between single-time measurement or scanning mode for swift adjustments to varying distances, ensuring precise targeting with every shot.

Additional features include WIFI image transmission, an electronic compass, a motion sensor, and up to 8 customizable reticles to cater to your specific requirements.

Designed to excel in challenging weather conditions, the InfiRay Geni boasts a 12?m sensor with NETD ?35mK, guaranteeing outstanding detail recognition even in low thermal contrast scenarios.

No matter the weather, rely on the InfiRay Geni for dependable and accurate thermal imaging performance. Its cutting-edge technology ensures you always have the detailed imagery necessary to maintain an edge, even in adverse conditions.

Indulge in superior visual clarity with the InfiRay Geni's new 1024×768 HD AMOLED display. This advanced technology delivers a vividly colored, crisp field of view, significantly enhancing your overall viewing experience.

Whether hunting, scouting, or conducting search and rescue operations, the InfiRay Geni's AMOLED display provides the clarity required to excel. Enjoy a brilliantly bright and contrasted image that simplifies target identification and navigation through challenging terrain.

Equipped with a unique ultra-clear mode tailored for harsh environments, the InfiRay Geni enhances sensitivity to capture intricate details even in adverse conditions.

From heavy fog to rain, rely on the InfiRay Geni's ultra-clear mode for the visual acuity needed to succeed. With this advanced feature, rest assured you'll never overlook a critical detail, regardless of the environment's challenges.

Model GL50R
Resolution 640 נ512
Pixel Size, ?m 12
NETD, mK ?35
Frame Rate, Hz 50
Objective Lens, mm 50
Field of View 8.8° × 6.6°
Magnification, × 3.0 (4x Digital Zoom)
Display 1024 × 768 OLED
Detection Range, m 2597m
Battery Type 26650 × 1
Battery Life. H 7
Weight, g ?750
Laser Rangefinder Range, m 1000±1
Brand Hunt The Night

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