Introducing the H&N Slug HP: Precision Pellets for Powerful Rifles

The H&N Slug HP stands out with its unique bullet shape, setting it apart from conventional pellets. Tailored for powerful rifles capable of precise shooting at distances of 50, 100, or even 200 meters, these pellets feature an exceptionally favorable ballistic coefficient (BC) for a flat trajectory and superior energy retention.

Customization is key - available in diameter options (.217 cal. / .218 cal.) and weight variations to accommodate different barrel profiles and power levels. For optimal performance, rifles should possess a minimum muzzle energy of 25 joules, with a recommended range of 40 to 60 joules for best results.

Rest assured, all pellets undergo rigorous visual inspection, hand packing, and secure foam pad packaging for safe transport.


  • CALIBRE: .22 cal.
  • WEIGHT: 25 grains
  • MIN. MUZZLE ENERGY: 18.5 ft.lbs
  • MAX. DISTANCE: 100 meters
  • BC: 0.1
  • CONTENT OF TIN: 200 pieces

Elevate your shooting experience with the precision and reliability of the H&N Slug HP. Explore our selection today and enhance your shooting capabilities.

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