Introducing the True Ballistic Radar Chronograph: Your Ultimate Shooting Companion

Imagine a chronograph that's always reliable, providing accurate ballistic coefficient readings for any round, all within a compact, portable package. Say goodbye to external triggers, microphones, or cumbersome setups – our chronograph offers foolproof operation and all the essential information you need for precise ballistic calculations.

Designed to work seamlessly with any firearm, the True Ballistic Radar Chronograph delivers actual ballistic coefficient measurements through multiple velocity readings. With no sensitivity adjustments required, it effortlessly reads projectiles ranging from 400 to 4000 fps, ensuring precise data without the hassle of pressing any buttons.

Here's what sets our chronograph apart:

  • True Ballistic Data: Measure actual speeds at four different velocity readings from 0 to 300 yards, providing invaluable information for accurate ballistic coefficient calculations using G1/G7 drag models.

  • Convenience and Reliability: No external recoil trigger or battery pack is needed – our chronograph features a USB-C rechargeable internal battery, ensuring hassle-free operation wherever you go.

  • Compact and Portable: Weighing just 1.8lbs and measuring 7.4” x 9.6”, our chronograph is small enough to take with you anywhere, yet powerful enough to deliver precise results.

  • Weatherproof Technology: Our radar technology works flawlessly in any weather condition, rain or shine, so you can trust the accuracy of your data every time.

  • Enhanced Display Options: Choose between the onboard display or connect to the FX Radar app via optional Bluetooth connectivity for even more detailed ballistic data.

  • Wide Velocity Range: Measure speeds from 400 to 4000+ fps, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of firearms and ammunition types.

  • Essential Data: In addition to ballistic coefficient readings, our chronograph displays standard deviation, spread, and subsonic yardage, helping you make informed decisions to avoid costly misses.

Don't settle for guesswork – invest in the True Ballistic Radar Chronograph and elevate your shooting experience to new heights. Whether you're a seasoned marksman or a novice shooter, our chronograph empowers you with the accurate data you need to hit your target with confidence.

SKU FXS-30103
Brand FX Airguns

FX True Ballistic Chronograph

By: on 9 March 2024
I bought this chrono hoping it would give me the true B.C of my ammo and I wasn`t disappointed it got my air rifle dialled in to perfection, great product FX and great service Hunt the Night.

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