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Experience Enhanced Performance with the FX Impact Slug Power Kit

Introducing the FX Impact Slug Power Kit, designed to maximize the performance of your FX Impact air rifle when using slugs. This kit includes essential components such as a 5.5 mm (.22) adjustable pellet probe and a Tungsten Hammer Weight (not yet visible on the product picture) with included bushes for compatibility with 6.35 mm (.25) caliber.

The adjustable pellet probe allows you to fine-tune the seating position of slugs, optimizing accuracy for each shot. Please note that this probe is specifically designed for slug use and is not suitable for pellets.

Additionally, the FX Impact Slug Power Kit includes other components aimed at enhancing velocity. These include a lighter valve return spring, extending valve open time, and a tungsten hammer for added weight. To safeguard against increased impact, a buffer is provided to protect the valve.

Expect a significant boost in speed with the FX Impact Slug Power Kit:

  • 5.5 mm (.22): Gain between 35 and 55 fps
  • 6.35 mm (.25): Experience an increase of 50 to 80 fps
  • 7.62 mm (.30): Enhance speed by 30 to 60 fps (Now includes a .30 Sleeve)

Crafted with precision machining and compatible with all FX Impact models, this kit ensures optimal performance and versatility for your air rifle.

SKU FXS-20340
Brand FX Airguns

FX Impact Tungsten hammer

By: on 10 October 2023
Now shooting 34g slugs with this kit. Hits harder and at longer range, impressive increase to the guns kill rate. Will try 46g heavy slugs next.

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