Elevate Your Hunting Game with Integrated LRF Technology

Discover the InfiRay Mate MAH50R LRF thermal clip-on, revolutionizing your hunting experience with an integrated Laser Range Finder (LRF) boasting a remarkable range of up to 1,200m. Master distances swiftly and accurately with high-precision distance measurements and dynamic displays, bidding farewell to guesswork and embracing precision with our cutting-edge solution.

Explore Unmatched Precision with Advanced Ballistic Calculation

Unlock unparalleled accuracy with our advanced ballistic calculation feature. Ideal for hunters and shooting enthusiasts, our technology predicts bullet or arrow trajectories with pinpoint precision, enhancing shot success rates. By understanding projectile endpoints comprehensively, our tool minimizes the risk of unintended injuries, prioritizing safety. Maximize your strategic shooting potential with our innovative solution.

Experience Unmatched Clarity with InfiRay's High-End Thermal Sensor

Unveiling our latest model equipped with InfiRay's top-of-the-line proprietary thermal sensor, offering a remarkable resolution of 640x512 pixels, operating at 12Hz, and delivering an impressive NETD of ≤18mk. Prepare for crystal-clear thermal imaging, revealing unparalleled detail. Seamlessly integrating with day scopes of up to 10× magnification, this cutting-edge technology ensures exceptional image clarity without compromising detail. Elevate your thermal imaging experience with our advanced solution.

Extend Your Hunting Experience with Magnetic Battery Packs

The InfiRay MAH50R includes additional magnetic battery packs for effortless carrying and installation, ensuring extended hunting time without battery depletion concerns. Embrace uninterrupted adventures in the wild with the convenience and reliability of our magnetic battery packs.

Achieve Stability and Precision in Every Hunt

Crafted from durable magnesium alloy and featuring rigid structural connections, our device boasts exceptional shock resistance, ensuring reliability in the field. Meeting the rigorous 'POI=1MOA' high-precision standard, it guarantees stability and precision with every shot, empowering hunters to excel confidently in their pursuits.






Thermal Sensor








Objective Lens, mm


50 F1.1


Field of ViewH×V, °




Magnification, ×




Detection Range, m(Target size: 1.7m×0.5m, P(n)=99%)








Max.operating Time(22°C), h




Weight, g




Dimension, mm



Brand InfiRay Outdoor

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