Elevate Firearm Performance with Hornady Brass: Precision Crafted for Reliability and Accuracy

Ensuring Tight Wall Concentricity

Achieving optimal bullet seating within both the case and firearm chamber is crucial for firearm performance. Tight wall concentricity plays a pivotal role in this process, facilitating uniform bullet release upon firing. This results in enhanced velocity and accuracy, a key consideration for shooters seeking precision.

Emphasizing Uniform Case Wall Thickness

Recognized by bench rest shooters for its significance in accuracy, uniform case wall thickness is a cornerstone of our manufacturing process. We adhere to stringent tolerances to maintain consistency in this critical aspect, ensuring each casing meets the highest standards of precision.

Extending Case Lifespan for Reloaders

At Hornady, we view brass as more than just a component; it's the cornerstone of cartridge accuracy. By meticulously crafting each piece, we enable reloaders to extract more reloads from Hornady brass. This dedication to quality translates to longevity and reliability in your ammunition.

Guaranteeing Consistent Weight and Capacity

Every Hornady case, irrespective of production lot, boasts unparalleled uniformity in weight and capacity. This uniformity translates into consistent pressure, velocity, and accuracy with each shot, providing shooters with confidence in their ammunition's performance.

Please note that packaging may differ from the image provided; the image serves as an illustrative example only.

SKU H86751
Barcode # 090255867510
Brand Hornady

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