A Compact Hunting Powerhouse with Optional Configurations

The FX Panthera leapt airgun innovation forward with its patented over the barrel plenum and high-power / short-impulse valve design. Though the original Panthera is a purpose-built competition slug rifle, shooters have demanded to use this exciting new airgun tech in different ways as well. 

Meet the new FX Panthera Hunter Compact – A compact pellet shooter that can be configured in multiple ways to suit your shooting style. 

It uses a shortened FX Smooth Twist X Superior barrel (300 mm barrel in .177 & .22 cal / 380 mm in .25 cal / 395 mm in .30 cal). The two smaller calibers use the 62 cc Macro Plenum while the .25 & .30 cal barrels utilising a new 120 cc Macro XL Plenum. 

The Hunter Compact comes with a 300cc carbon fiber bottle located in the front of the rifle to give great balance when shooting the rifle off-hand. It comes with a standard AR grip, full picatinny top rail with 20 MOA built in, and a rear stock with adjustable length of pull and adjustable cheek piece.

Shooters can customise their rifle further with accessories such as the FX Dynamic DoubleAir Adapter Kit which adds a 300cc carbon fiber bottle to the rear stock for a higher shot count. Users can even move the existing 300cc bottle to the back and place a 480cc or 580cc bottle at the front for a massive amount of air! 

The FX Panthera Hunter Compact is a superb option for those who plan on shooting pellets and prefer a small, compact package. Stay on the lookout for new exciting accessories including the Dynamic Compact Length Arca Rail (can be added when configured with the bottle in the rear),the FX Dynamic Side Accessory Pic Rail and the new FX Dynamic AR Folding Stock adapter. 


Note: Muzzle energy listed in the specifications of each rifle is for maximum setting. Due to differences in regulations the rifle is often produced with a lower muzzle energy from the factory. Contact your dealer for more info about muzzle energy in your region.



  Right hand positioned sidelever with an ambidextrous mount to be able to relocate sidelever on left side for lefthanded shooters  

  MAGAZINE TYPE   Removable high capacity, easy load.
  Newly developed deeper lid to accommodate longer length slugs.
  Maximum ammunition length, 13 mm (0,51”)
  Made in durable injection-moulded POM
  21 shot when Cal .177
  18 shot when Cal .22
  16 shot when Cal .25
  13 shot when Cal .30
  STOCK   Ambidextrous
  Recoilpad adjustable in height, angle, and length of pull
  Cheek Piece adjustable in height (ambidextrous mount)
  Mount for bag rider
  Zero-angle grip
  CALIBRE   4,5 (.177)
  5,5 (.22)
  6,35 (.25)
  7,62 (.30)
  BARREL   4,5 (.177):
  Superior STX barrel liner. Length 300 mm
  5,5 (.22):
  Superior STX barrel liner. Length 380 mm
  6,35 (.25) and 7,62 (.30)
  Superior STX barrel liner. Length 395 mm
  SHOT CAPACITY   4,5 (.177) 100 shots
  5,5 (.22) 60 shots with 15.89gr pellet at 880 fps
  6,35 (.25) 45 shots with 25.39gr pellet at 880 fps
  7,62 (.30) 35 shots with 44.75gr pellet at 840 fps
  FILL PRESSURE   Max 250 bar (3625 psi)
  SAFETY   Switch style
  OPTICS   Picatinny rail with built in 6 MIL/20 MOA angle
  Marked with figures on the right side for easy repositioning of optics.
  MUZZLE   Built-In Shroud system (variations may occur depending on country).
  PRESSURE GAUGE   Dual Angled Gauges:
  Air tube pressure WIKA
  Regulator pressure WIKA
  TRIGGER   Adjustable Match Trigger
  Trigger blade can be adjusted in reach, height and rotated to set the blade in an angle.
  ENERGY   4,5 (.177) N/A.
  5,5 (.22) up to 54 J – 40 ft/lbs with 21gr slug at 930fps.
  6,35 (.25) up to 96 J – 71 ft/lbs with 43.5gr slug at 855 fps.
  7,62 (.30) up to 145 J – 107 ft/lbs with 68gr slug at 840 fps.
  AIR CAPACITY   300 cc air cylinder + eventual plenum volume
  AIR CYLINDER   Carbon fibre wrapped air tank, removable
  LENGTH   4,5 (.177) – 5,5 (.22) 775 mm – 30.5″
  6,35 (.25) – 7,62 (.30) 889 mm – 35″
  WEIGHT   4,5 (.177) – 5,5 (.22) 2,85kg – 6,25 lbs
  6,35 (.25) – 7,62 (.30) 2,9kg – 6,35 lbs
  CHARGING   Rear Foster Quick Disconnect, dust cap included.
  Externally Adjustable
  Quick Tune System
  Micro and macro adjustment of hammer spring tension
  PLENUM   4,5 (.177) – 5,5 (.22) Macro Plenum – 62 cc
  6,35 (.25) – 7,62 (.30) Macro XL Plenum – 120 cc
SKU FX-PAN-550306-023-08
Brand FX Airguns

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