Discover the FX King: The Ultimate Hunting Rifle by FX Airguns

Introducing the FX King by FX Airguns: Reigning Supreme in Innovation and Power

(Note: Scope & rings pictured are sold separately. RH image used for display purposes.)

A new monarch has ascended the throne in the world of air rifles—the FX King from FX Airguns. Continually pushing boundaries and innovating, FX Airguns presents the FX King, a formidable and pure hunting rifle poised to dominate the hunting fields.

Proven Performance

At its core, the FX King inherits the proven block technology from the Panthera/Dynamic series, renowned for its exceptional power and energy delivery. While excelling as a precision pellets shooter, the FX King truly shines when firing slugs, owing to its slug-based design and innovative valving. All of this is housed within a sleek and streamlined GRS stock, tailored for both form and function.

Over-the-Barrel Plenum System

Equipped with an innovative over-the-barrel plenum system akin to other FX models, the FX King utilizes its large volume advantageously. Whether firing pellets or heavy slugs, the FX King maintains its sleek profile within a traditional sporter stock while delivering unparalleled performance.

Optimally Positioned Gauges

Featuring dual-angled high-precision Wika gauges, the FX King allows for easy monitoring of bottle and regulator pressures, even in the heat of the hunt. With this setup, you can stay informed and ready to take that crucial shot.

Quick-Tune System

Tuning a powerhouse like the FX King to suit your preferences is essential. That's why the quick-tune system is seamlessly integrated into the ergonomic GRS rifle stock, enabling swift, repeatable, and precise adjustments for optimal performance.


While maintaining its classic sporter rifle design, the FX King offers versatility with accessory Picatinny rails on both sides. Whether mounting torches, bipods, or more, the FX King is ready for any customization you desire.

Handles Pellets & Slugs

Thanks to its deep magazine design inherited from the Panthera/Dynamic series, the King effortlessly handles any ammunition up to 13mm in length. From various pellets to shorter, lighter slugs or heavier, longer slugs, the FX King delivers consistent performance.

30MOA Picatinny Scope Rail

Topping it all off is a 30MOA angled Picatinny scope rail, providing ample elevation adjustments for extended range shooting with ease.

GRS Stock

Styled in a custom-tailored GRS stock, the King exudes elegance and functionality. With three superb color options available, GRS stocks offer unmatched adjustability and ergonomic features for supreme shooting comfort.

Comes with Hard Case

For added protection during transport and storage, the FX King arrives in a durable hard case with custom-cut foam, ensuring your rifle is safeguarded at all times.

Right or Left-hand Available

The FX King is available in both right and left-hand configurations, accommodating shooters of all preferences. Experience the reign of power and precision with the FX King from FX Airguns.



   Right hand positioned sidelever with ambidextrous mount to relocate
   sidelever on left side for lefthanded shooters


   Removable high capacity, easy load.
   Newly developed deeper lid to accommodate longer length slugs.
   Maximum ammunition length, 13 mm (0,51”)
   Made in durable injection-moulded POM
   21 shot when Cal .177
   18 shot when Cal .22
   16 shot when Cal .25
   13 shot when Cal .30
   10 shots when Cal .35


   GRS Laminate stocks
   – Adjustable cheek piece
   – Adjustable recoil-pad
   – Tool-less adjustments
   – Ergonomic grip
   – Green Mountain Camo
   – Nordic Wolf Laminate
   – Brown

   CALIBRE    4,5 (.177)
   5,5 (.22)
   6,35 (.25)
   7,62 (.30)
   9,00 (.35)

   500: Superior STX barrel liner
   600: Superior Heavy STX barrel liner


   4,5 (.177) N/A
   5,5 (.22) 180 shots with 15.89 gr pellet at 900 fps
   6,35 (.25) 90 shots with 25.39 gr pellet at 900 fps
   7,62 (.30) 70 shots with 44.75 gr pellet at 860 fps
   9,00 (.35) 30 shots with 81 gr pellet at 840 fps
   4,5 (.177) N/A
   5,5 (.22) 128 shots with 22 gr hybrid slug at 900 fps
   6,35 (.25) 96 shots with 26 gr hybrid slug at 900 fps
   7,62 (.30) 56 shots with 44,5 gr hybrid slug at 900 fps
   9,00 (.35) 26 shots with 68 gr hybrid slug at 900 fps


   Max 250 bar (3625 psi)

   SAFETY    Switch style

   Picatinny rail with built in 9 MIL/30 MOA angle
   Marked with figures on the right side for easy repositioning of optics


   Built-In Shroud system (variations may occur depending on country)


   Dual Angled Gauges:
   Air tube pressure WIKA
   Regulator pressure WIKA


   Adjustable Match Trigger
   Trigger blade can be adjusted in reach, height and rotated to set the blade in an angle


   4,5 (.177) N/A
   5,5 (.22) up to 70 ft/lbs with 34gr slug at 960 fps
   6,35 (.25) up to 80 ft/lbs with 43.5gr slug at 910 fps
   7,62 (.30) up to 110 ft/lbs with 64gr slug at 880 fps
   9,00 (.35) up to 135 ft/lbs with 81gr pellet at 865 fps
   4,5 (.177) N/A
   5,5 (.22) up to 82 ft/lbs with 34gr pellet at 1040 fps
   6,35 (.25) up to 91 ft/lbs with 43.5gr slug at 970 fps
   7,62 (.30) up to 130 ft/lbs with 64gr slug at 1020 fps
   9,00 (.35) up to 173 ft/lbs with 93gr slug at 915 fps
   Note: above figures are maximum FAC Power output using tungsten hammer.


   480 cc air cylinder + plenum volume


   Carbon fibre wrapped air tank, removable

   LENGTH    500: 970 mm
   600: 1075 mm
   WEIGHT    500: 3,45 kg
   600: 3,6 kg

   Rear Foster Quick Disconnect, dust cap included


   AMP MkII Regulator
   Externally Adjustable
   Quick Tune System
   Micro & macro adjustment of hammer spring tension
   Dual accessory rails
   Picatinny on both sides
   Comes delivered in a tailored cut out case


   500: Macro Plenum – 62 cc
   600: Magnum XL Plenum – 156 cc

SKU FX-KIN-450319-021-08
Brand FX Airguns

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