How to select a device for Remote Mounting

When remote mounting a unit it all comes down to these 4 key considerations:

  • Purpose built or standard monocular?  We have a few units that are purpose built for remote mounting, incorporating things like image stability, full 360 tilt and pan etc, or do you want to use a conventional monocular and mount it to your spotlight handle?
  • How secure is the mounting point?  You want to be able secure the unit without relying on just the screw thats on the bottom of the unit.  We sell various mounting kits for remote mounting monoculars, the Gun Clamp sytle ones are the best.
  • How good is the app?  You want to be able to remote control the unit over its internal wifi.  With internal wifi you do not need phone reception or anything like that, the unit makes its own network and your phone / tablet connects to it. The best apps (in this order) are ThermTec, HIKMICRO, Pulsar, InfiRay.
  • Range finder or not?  It’s incredibly handy to have a range finder on your remote mounted unit, giving you a point of reference for both distance to target or