FX Impact M3: Redefining Modern Airgun Performance

Experience the pinnacle of airgun technology with the FX Impact M3. Dual regulators and the innovative Quick-Tune System empower you to achieve unparalleled precision and power. Discover limitless possibilities as you elevate your shooting experience with this revolutionary rifle.

FX Power Plenum 720: Unleashing Unprecedented Power

The FX Power Plenum 720, the heart of the Impact M3, delivers a massive 72cc volume of compressed air, ensuring optimal energy for propelling projectiles with unmatched force and accuracy. Experience groundbreaking performance as this advanced plenum works seamlessly with the rifle's porting and valving systems, setting new standards in power and efficiency.

Quick-Tune System: Precision at Your Fingertips

Revolutionize your shooting experience with the Quick-Tune System, allowing for tool-free fine-tuning of your rifle's accuracy. Adjust air pressure, valve timing, and hammer strength effortlessly with intuitive controls, providing endless customization possibilities. With the Rear Macro Power Wheel and Micro Fine Adjustment, achieve unrivaled precision with each shot, setting a new benchmark in airgun technology.

Enhanced Features for Superior Performance

Experience enhanced usability with features like the ambidextrous short throw cocking lever, dual transfer ports, and tightened barrel housing and breech tolerances for improved accuracy. The updated trigger offers a crisp second stage break, while the built-in 20 MOA scope rail ensures optimal sight alignment. Dual Wika manometers provide precise pressure monitoring for consistent performance.

Specifications Designed for Excellence

From the AR15 style grip to the Smooth Twist X Superior Liner barrel, every aspect of the Impact M3 is engineered for excellence. Choose from multiple calibers and configurations to suit your shooting preferences, with impressive shot capacities and energy outputs. The carbon fiber wrapped air cylinder ensures durability and lightweight performance, while the Foster Quick Disconnect allows for convenient charging.

Experience the Future of Airgun Technology

The FX Impact M3 sets a new standard for modern airguns, offering unmatched performance, precision, and versatility. Elevate your shooting experience and explore new possibilities with the ultimate airgun innovation. Discover the FX Impact M3 today and revolutionize your approach to airgun shooting.

Important: Always refer to the owner's manual before use. Never discharge the FX Airguns without air in the system.

SKU FX-IM3-550306-009-08
Brand FX Airguns

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