Unleash the Power of Compact Thermal Imaging Binoculars with the Pulsar Merger LRF XQ35

Introducing the Pulsar Merger LRF XQ35: Unleash the Power of Compact Thermal Imaging Binoculars

Discover unparalleled performance and mobility with the Pulsar Merger LRF XQ35, the latest innovation in Pulsar's renowned thermal imaging arsenal. Crafted to deliver exceptional results while maintaining portability, these binoculars redefine the standard for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Compact and Portable: Ideal for on-the-go hunters, the Pulsar Merger LRF XQ35 combines compact design with lightweight construction, mirroring the form and function of traditional daytime binoculars for effortless transport and space-saving convenience.

Exceptional Thermal Imaging: Equipped with an advanced Lynred thermal sensor boasting a pixel pitch of @17 µm and an NETD lower than 25 mK, the Merger LRF XQ35 ensures unmatched performance in challenging conditions like rain, fog, or high humidity.

Crystal Clear Optics: Featuring a fast aperture F35/1.0 Germanium lens, these binoculars deliver sharp, detailed images comparable to Pulsar's top PRO series, ensuring no detail escapes your observation.

Integrated Laser Rangefinder: With a robust housing and built-in laser rangefinder capable of measuring distances up to 1 kilometer, these binoculars provide precise distance assessment for informed decision-making.

Advanced Features: The Pulsar Merger LRF XQ35 boasts a rugged magnesium alloy housing, a dual battery system for extended use, a proximity sensor for stealth operations, a built-in video recorder, and seamless Wi-Fi integration via Stream Vision 2 for iOS and Android devices.

Comfortable Viewing: Engineered with ergonomic design principles in mind, these binoculars offer a comfortable viewing experience, with adjustable interpupillary distance for a personalized fit.

High-Quality Lens: The Germanium F35/1.0 lens ensures exceptional infrared transmission in the LWIR range, guaranteeing clear and precise imaging.

Dual Battery System: With both a built-in 4 Ah battery and a replaceable 3.2 Ah battery, the Merger XQ35 LRF offers up to 11 hours of continuous use, ensuring uninterrupted observation sessions.

Precision Laser Rangefinder: Accurately measure distances up to 1 kilometer with the integrated laser rangefinder, facilitating quick and accurate assessments.

Proximity Sensor: Maintain stealth operations with the proximity sensor, which activates and deactivates displays based on user proximity, ensuring optimal image quality without alerting nearby wildlife.

European-Made Thermal Sensor: The Lynred sensor captures clear temperature differences in adverse conditions, ensuring reliable performance in any environment.

Lightweight and Compact: As compact as traditional binoculars, the Pulsar Merger LRF XQ35 offers balanced weight distribution for comfortable, fatigue-free use during extended observations.

Experience the pinnacle of thermal imaging technology with the Pulsar Merger LRF XQ35 and elevate your hunting and observation capabilities to new heights.

SKU 77483
Brand Pulsar

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