A true high-end airgun like never before!

FX DRS Classic

A true high-end airgun like never before!

The FX DRS platform has been built from the ground up to meet the needs of the most demanding shooters. The simple yet sophisticated FX DRS design allowed us to create a true high-end airgun like never before. By eliminating some of the distinguishing features inherent to airguns, such as the air tank, the FX DRS looks more minimalistic in design with the appearance of a traditional rifle. All this while still maintaining the important features you’ve come to expect from a modern high end airgun. 

FX DRS is modular in design, giving the user many options to customize it to their specific needs. The over the  barrel air tank, not only not only creates a more traditional look but also enhances barrel stability, eliminating the need for a conventional carbon fiber bottle. The result?  A sleek and powerful hunting companion that rises above all expectations. Performance meets perfection with the modular plenum design, cleverly disguised as a traditional magazine.

With the latest AMP regulator version the FX DRS classic ensures unrivaled consistency in velocity, giving you the edge you need in any shooting scenario.


The DRS Classic and is available in two stunning options, sleek and ruggedblack synthetic soft-touch stock for the modern adventurer and a timeless Minelli walnut stock for those who appreciate classic elegance.For the bold and practical shooter, the black synthetic soft touch stock offers a cutting-edge aesthetic combined with a comfortable feel. Crafted with precision, this stock is not just about style, it’s built to endure the demands of the outdoors. The soft-touch finish provides a secure grip, ensuring confidence in every shot. On the other hand, the Minelli walnut stock version pays homage to tradition and craftsmanship. Immerse yourself in the rich and luxurious feel of genuine Italian made walnut stock. The warmth and character of the wood elevate your shooting experience, making every moment with the FX DRS Classic an affair of timeless sophistication. Whether you choose the modern appeal of the black synthetic soft-touch stock or the timeless charm of the Minelli walnut stock, the FX DRS Classic promises a lightweight and easy to carry hunting rifle that doesn’t compromise on features. Perfect for both seasoned hunters and competitive shooters, this air rifle isn’t only about looks and also offers the important features you come to expect from a modern air rifle. The FX DRS classic comes out of the box with a smooth side lever action, a mini magazine, the flexibility to tailor the trigger unit to your exact preferences and a 11 mm dovetail rail. Upgrade options, including a match-grade trigger system, picatinny rails, plenums, barrel lengths etc. offer a personalized touch for every shooter.

And if that isn’t enough, you can still go one step further with one of the available accessories.

Note: Muzzle energy listed in the specifications of each rifle is for maximum setting. Due to differences in regulations the rifle is often produced with a lower muzzle energy from the factory. Contact your dealer for more info about muzzle energy in your region.


COCKING SYSTEM Right hand positioned sidelever
MAGAZINE TYPE Mini size, easy load.


Maximum ammunition length, 11,3mm (0,45”)

(up to 40gr slugs in .22 fits)

Made in durable injection-moulded POM

16 shot when Cal .177
14 shot when Cal .22
12 shot when Cal .25 (not available in sub 12ft)

STOCK Classic:


Synthetic with Soft-touch surface

Minelli Walnut Standard

Minelli Walnut Grade 2 with rosewood tip.


MDT ACC Elite Chassis w/ Premier Buttstock

CALIBRE 4,5 (.177)


5,5 (.22)

6,35 (.25)

BARREL Classic .177 .22 – 500 mm


Superior STX barrel liner.

Classic .25 – 600 mm

Superior STX barrel liner.

PRO – 700 mm

Superior Heavy STX barrel liner.



4,5 (.177) 66 shots with 10,3gr pellets at 920 fps

5,5 (.22) 60 shots with 15.89gr pellet at 915 fps

6,35 (.25) 45 shots with 25.4gr pellet at 880 fps

PRO – 700:

4,5 (.177) 85 shots with 10,3gr slugs at 960fps

5,5 (.22) 60 shots with 22gr slug at 960 fps

6,35 (.25) 45 shots with 26gr slug at 960 fps

FILL PRESSURE Max 230 bar (3335 psi)


250 bar with carbon fiber tube upgrade (3625 psi)

OPTICS Classic: 11mm dovetail


PRO: Picatinny Rail

TRIGGER Adjustable
ENERGY Classic:



PRO -700:

4,5 (.177) up to 43 ft/lbs with 18gr slug at 1040

5,5 (.22) up to 72 ft/lbs with 30gr pellet at 1040 fps

6,35 (.25) up to 73 ft/lbs with 36gr slug at 960 fps




AIR CAPACITY Classic .177 .22: 208 cc


Classic .25: 260 cc

PRO: 307 cc

AIR CYLINDER Aluminium cylinder.


(Carbon Fiber airtube upgrade available)

LENGTH Classic .177 .22: 927 mm
Classic .25: 1042 mm
WEIGHT Classic .25: 2,35kg / 5,2lbs



CHARGING Pin probe style MkIII.


Externally Adjustable


Brand FX Airguns

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