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Introducing the PSP-V Adapter: Your Solution for Thermal Imaging Attachments on Hunting and Sporting Weapons

The PSP-V adapter is meticulously crafted to seamlessly mount Proton and Krypton FXG50 thermal imaging attachments onto optical riflescope lenses, specifically tailored for hunting and sporting weapons equipped with Weaver/Picatinny rails. This versatile adapter is compatible with a variety of firearms, including those based on MSR (modern sporting rifles) / AR-15 platforms, ensuring optimal performance in diverse shooting scenarios.

Key Features:

  1. Effortless Attachment: Enjoy swift attachment removal and mounting directly onto the rail, facilitated by a robust lever-type clamp mechanism. This ensures hassle-free transitions between thermal imaging and daytime optics, enhancing versatility during your hunting or shooting endeavors.

  2. Broad Compatibility: The PSP-V adapter seamlessly integrates with a wide range of daytime riflescopes, accommodating various lens sizes and mounting heights. Its adaptable design allows for precise adjustment of the device height, ensuring optimal alignment with your preferred optics setup.

  3. Precision Display Positioning: Fine-tune the attachment display within your riflescope's field of view with our advanced mechanical engineering assembly. This precision positioning mechanism enables seamless alignment of the infrared image with daylight optics, optimizing viewing comfort and information clarity.

  4. Optical Protection: Safeguard your optics from ambient illumination and harsh weather conditions with the integrated silicone lens hood. Whether facing glare at sunrise or enduring rain during a hunt, this protective hood shields both the thermal imaging attachment and riflescope lenses, ensuring uninterrupted clarity and performance.

  5. Reliable Construction: Built with high-quality steel and aluminum components, the PSP-V adapter offers exceptional reliability and durability while remaining lightweight for extended use. Engineered for compatibility with large-caliber hunting weapons, this adapter guarantees long-term performance in demanding environments.

Elevate your hunting and shooting experience with the PSP-V adapter – the ultimate solution for integrating thermal imaging technology seamlessly into your optics setup. Unlock new levels of precision and versatility on the field with this indispensable accessory.


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